Welcome to Coinfoundry

We offer profitable and reliable mining pools with competitive fees and server locations accross the globe. Our GeoDNS load-balancers automatically chose the server closest to you, ensuring optimal latency regardless of your location - without any configuration.

In case of a problem you are not on your own. Our beginner-friendly support usually responds within minutes.

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Our Mining Pools

Coin Algorithm # Miners Hashrate Payment Fee
ETHEthereum (ETH) Ethash 60 12.62 GH/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine
XMRMonero (XMR) Cryptonight 109 124.38 KH/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine
BTCPBitcoin Private (BTCP) Equihash 44 294.08 KSols/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine
ETCEthereum Classic (ETC) Ethash 7 568.84 MH/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine
CLOCallisto (CLO) Ethash 23 1.43 GH/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine
DASHDash (DASH) X11 252 13.74 TH/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine
DGBDigiByte (DGB) Sha256 6 124.76 TH/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine
XVGVerge (XVG) Scrypt 10 7.89 GH/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine
XVGVerge (XVG) Blake2s 84 10.48 TH/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine
LTCLitecoin (LTC) Scrypt 56 88.98 GH/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine
ZECZCash (ZEC) Equihash 20 18.35 KSols/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine
MONAMonacoin (MONA) Lyra2re2 10 862.54 MH/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine
VTCVertcoin (VTC) Lyra2re2 21 1.69 GH/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine
RVNRavencoin (RVN) X16-R 0 0.00 H/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine
PGNPigeoncoin (PGN) X16-S 1 5.05 MH/s PPLNS 0.75% Mine

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